Being a Best Man

We asked our resident man-of-the-moment to write a few words about being a Best Man. Here’s what he said…

Being asked to be best man for someone is an honour but it is also a task that would bring most men out in a cold sweat!

Preparation is key here. It is important to remember that you are there to help the groom and make his day pass without any hitches. You do have your moment in the limelight with the speech but that isn’t the only thing you’ll have to do. If there are any issues during the day then you’re probably the person who needs to solve it.

ImageYour speech should be entertaining and should allow guests to get a better knowledge/understanding of the groom/couple. Try not to talk about previous girlfriends or past indiscretions. Not everyone at the wedding will know the groom so try to paint a picture. Some things can be hinted at so people in the know would understand but try to make sure that the stories are valid for everyone and that people don’t switch off.

Everyone is willing you to do a good job so don’t try too hard. If a joke feels forced then don’t say it. There are lots of tips online that can be used but it is important to try and make the speech personal and relevant. People will appreciate it more if it comes from the heart rather than having endless jokes thrown at them.

If the groom can look you in the eye after the speech, then you know you’ve done OK – the worst thing you could do is to upset anyone so keep it safe!

It may be a good idea to ask first if there are any subjects that are strictly off limits. Don’t give any of your ideas away but it will help to make him feel at ease if he knows that a certain topic won’t be mentioned

One issue that best men sometimes have is nerves. 2-3 beers before the ceremony is acceptable and will help you to relax but any more than that and you’ll be risking slurring and possibly having to nip to the loo halfway through your duties.

You may not feel like eating if your speech is after the meal so make sure that something is left aside for you for afterwards. That meal will taste like the best thing you’ve ever eaten so don’t miss out.