Summer party essentials


Summer Garden Party

The sun is shining, there’s not a cloud in the sky, it’s time to take the party outdoors! Check out our summer party essentials so that your day out is a day to remember.

• Sun protection: You want a golden glow not a red raw burn, do like the Australians do – slip, slap slop. Take sun creams, hats and UV protective clothing for little ones.

• Food and drink: Picnic, BBQ, pimms…enjoy some al fresco dining – but don’t forget your cutlery and (plastic) crockery. A pack of napkins and an empty bag for rubbish are useful too. If you want to keep your food and drinks cool, invest in an ice/cool box. If you’re taking a disposable BBQ remember that it’ll be hot for a while after you’ve finished cooking!


Outdoor glass holder

• Glass stands/holders: Does your glass of fizz keep sinking into the sand as you enjoy a tipple on the beach, try one of these – great for the garden too. (see image)

• Bottle opener: There’s nothing worse than setting out your picnic, whetting your appetite and working up a thirst, only to realise you’ve left the bottle opener at home.

• Table and chairs: Lightweight collapsible furniture is a great way to take the indoors – outdoors!

• Rug: If you don’t want to carry all those table and chairs, grab a rug. Ones with a waterproof bottom are great.

• A summer soundtrack: Make a playlist of your favourite tunes and while away the hours listening to them without having to skip the songs you don’t like.

• Ipod speakers – waterproof and sandproof: Mini, portable speakers are great. If you’re heading to the beach, protect them from the sand and the sea!

• Games: Heading to the park? Take a lawn game. We had great fun playing Kubb last week. There are loads of outdoor games. This website has some great ideas:

• Lighting: If you’re in your garden; solar lights, fairy lights and outdoor candles are a lovely way to give some glow when the sun starts to set.

• Towels: You might not be planning on a dip in the sea or a paddle in the stream, but once you’ve warmed up you might be aching to get refreshed in some water. Take a towel just in case. If you’re with children, there’s no doubt it won’t be long before they’re having a splashing time! If you’re swimming – always make sure that you’re with a responsible adult.

• Change of clothes: Your trousers rolled down mid-paddle, you spilled ice cream down your favourite top, your jeans are covered in mud after tripping over the Kubb King (see Games above)…take a change of clothes. An extra jumper is also useful just in case it clouds over and you start to feel a chill.

• Emergency kit: torch, mobile phone (fully charged), first aid kit: One minute you’re enjoying the sun, the next, you realise its way past home time and the sun has gone down. Don’t get lost, keep a torch with you just in case. A phone and first aid kit might prove essential in an emergency too.

Have fun in the sun!

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