Looking after pregnant guests

Having recently welcomed a new edition to Waterfall Events – baby Jacob, we have had some first-hand experience of some of the issues pregnant people might experience when attending an event. If you’re planning a party, follow our advice to make it a great experience for any pregnant guests.

Venue – environment and seating: Pregnant women are affected by temperature and often feel hot. Even in winter, crowded rooms can get hot and stuffy. Whether you’re holding an indoor or outdoor event try to ensure there is a fresh air supply / air conditioning. If guests will be standing during your event, make sure there are seats available for your pregnant guests. If possible, try to have a quiet space away from the main body of the party where they could go if they need to escape the heat.

Smoking: Now that it’s not possible to smoke indoors, it’s a lot easier for pregnant ladies to avoid the effects of passive smoking. However, if you are holding an outdoor event, perhaps ask your smoking guests to consider others, and move to an area away from other people

Food and Drink: Pregnant women can’t eat certain foods, consider this when planning your buffet or dinner. Include a ‘pregnancy-friendly’ option. Although some pregnant women do enjoy an occasional drink, it’s unlikely that they’ll be consuming alcohol for the duration of your party. Have soft drinks available. Perhaps find out their favourite soft drink and provide that so that they feel like a valued guest. VIP?

Parking: Heavily pregnant women can find it difficult to be agile. Try to reserve a car parking space for your pregnant guests so that they don’t have to walk too far to join the party.

These quick tips are an easy way for you to provide a safe environment, not only for your pregnant guests to enjoy the party – but everyone there!

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