An outdoor festival wedding

We’ve recently been helping a client to plan a festival style wedding for next summer. An outdoor wedding like this is a great way to celebrate in a fun and informal way. Depending on your venue it can also serve as an opportunity to invite a larger number of guests that would otherwise struggle to fit inside a more formal, indoor venue.

As our client has a number of guests travelling from across the UK, she also wanted to extend the wedding party to incorporate the whole weekend – with camping facilities available to guests who were making the journey north – a real festival weekend!

Outdoor WeddingA wedding or celebration like this means you can really personalise the event – without the boundaries and limitations often associated with traditional venues. The styling, menu, entertainment and general ‘feel’ of the wedding can be totally unique and tailored to an individual’s tastes and passions.

However, there are a number of things that need careful planning and consideration – the main one being, the great British weather. Whilst an outdoor wedding can be an amazing experience on a beautiful sunny day, it can be a somewhat different experience altogether if the heavens open. A wet weather plan must be in place right from the beginning. Another important factor to consider is site access, not only for your guests – but also for your suppliers. It’s one thing if your guests are struggling to reach your venue as their heels are getting stuck in the mud, but its another thing if your caterer or entertainment can’t access the site or other essentials like electricity and water supplies.

At each step of the planning process it’s important to consider your guests and their comfort. Remember to think about toilets and sanitary facilities, will your guests be warm enough, who will manage waste and the post-party clean-up. Rules and regulations must be considered too. In a managed venue bar and music licenses are already in place, first aiders are on-site and emergency evacuation plans and security staff are on-hand. All of these must be considered when planning an event like this.

However, if all plans are in place, a outdoor festival wedding can be a fantastic and memorable event – even if it rains!

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